Less-Lethal munitions have been available to American law enforcement agencies for over 40 years. With the advent of research-supported training, these specialty rounds have gained a broader acceptance in patrol, tactical, and correctional settings. The instructor level courses cover the full family of ALS munitions and will prepare the instructor to train users within their agency in the deployment and use of impact projectiles, ballistic breaching, chemical agents, and noise/flash diversionary devices (NFDD's).

Click on the desired class in Training Events Tab. Click on the class you wish to attend and download the registration form. Complete and either scan/email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax to 850-838-8424.

You can pay be check or credit card. Contact our Range Management Officer by phone at 850-838-8422 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make payment arrangements.

Our training classes are only for Law Enforcement, Military, Corrections, Private Security Agencies or Private Training Agencies.
No, we also take our training “on the road” and conduct classes offsite.

Under Training, ALS Training Courses / Less-Lethal Courses you will see a schedule of upcoming scheduled courses

The farther in advance you register the better.  One factor in deciding if a class is held is determined by the number of students attending.  We will accept late registrants, but only a limited amount.  We need to know how many students are attending so ample munitions are shipped for deploying during the hands on portion of the classes.
You will receive your certificate(s) at conclusion of the training if you registered ahead of time.  If you were a last-minute registrant, your certificate will be mailed to you as soon as possible.

Contact our Range Management Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone 850-838-8422 to arrange for your Agency to host a class. We will email you a flyer that lists requirements for hosting agencies.  There are minimal requirements and most agencies have adequate accommodations. We will then list the training on our Training Events calendar and ask you to advertise to help increase the enrollment.

No charge.  If the class needs to be canceled for whatever reason, it is canceled at no charge to your Agency.

There is no maximum number of students for ALS, we will accommodate with additional trainers when needed.  Key to the number of students is that the hosting agency can accommodate the number of students.  Minimum number of students needed will vary according to which class is being held, location of the class, etc. 

No, it is not mandatory; however, we STRONGLY recommend that you receive a Level 1 OC exposure of our Top Cop Brand OC Aerosol which is 1.33% capsaicinoids.  We will maintain your record of exposure and send you a copy of the exposure documentation if requested.  If you choose not to receive a Level 1 OC contamination, it is your responsibility to produce your record of exposure in the event it is requested for future legal proceedings or other business-related purposes.

Pen and paper (or laptop) for taking notes.  Eye and ear pro, as well as gloves (leather or Kevlar).  We would like you to have your own gas mask, but we can supply you one if needed (we only have a limited number of masks and we must know ahead of time).  There is a dress code for our classes. Contact our Range Management Officer at training@pacem-solutions or 850-838-8422 to request a more comprehensive list of equipment needed and recommended.

No.  Our re-certs are only if you have previously attended an ALS class.

You do not have to take the entire 3-day class.  You can take a specific class or module (i.e.: NFDD, Chemical Agents, Impact Munitions or OC Aerosols separately). Please contact training@pacem-solutions with details on which module you are interested in taking and we will quote them separately.

Yes.  Many local, state, federal agencies as well as training groups, private agencies and international agencies rent our Training Facility.  Fees vary according to need. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 850-838-8422 for availability, scheduling and fees.  We also have our bunkhouse available to students (fee is $40.00 per night) which helps with lodging costs for you or your agency.

Yes, some of our products are “member approved” and our Training Facility is NTOA Certified.

Class lengths vary according to size of class, logistics of where it they are being held and the level of understanding of the students.  For the 3-day Instructor class, a classroom portion is conducted every morning and the hands-on portion is conducted in the afternoon.  Generally, we try to conclude the day by 4:00pm and most days we do, however, that is not etched in stone.  It is paramount that each student understands the material before leaving for the day. Contact our Range Management Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a training flyer with daily start times for the 3-day ALS Less Lethal Instructor class.

Currently, ALS/PACEM has the capability to offer the following courses, based on the customers need:

The following can be held on site in Perry, FL, or at your facility:
3-day Less Lethal Instructor Course
4-day Less Lethal Master Instructor Course
12 Gauge Shotgun Sky-Net Anti-Drone Training Course
ALSTAC-40 Single Shot 40mm Launcher Armorer Course
Cell Extraction Course
Defensive Tactics / Personal Safety Course
Edge Weapon Knife Defense Shock Knife Instructor Course
Inmate Deception Manipulations of Staff Training
Laser Shot Electronic Discretionary Training (To include shoot/no shoot scenarios)
Personal Development Training
Semi-Automatic Basic and Advanced Pistol Training Program
Semi-Automatic Rifle/Carbine Training Course
Shotgun Basic and Advanced Training Course
TRMR-LE Training
Weapon Training Programs

The following are offered only at the PACEM Training and Range Complex in Perry, FL:
K-9 Training – 32 Hour Training Course
Sniper Long Range Shooting Course
Tactical Explosive Breaching Program

Yes, the opportunity to be exposed to CS during the gas mask clearing drill is available, but at your choice. During the drill we instruct how to clear your mask in a CS contaminated environment in the event that CS agent enters your mask from an improper seal. If you choose not to participate in the drill the Instructor will notate that on your registration form. This will not prohibit you from graduating from the class and receiving your certificate.

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