International transactions can have a lot of moving parts, but clear expectations and communication can help to simplify this complex process. We have developed an International Check List that outlines what to expect and how to navigate the various processes.


ALS is committed to serving our customers’ requirements. Please read this document carefully so that we may better serve your needs and minimize oversights in this complicated process.


Approximate order to ship time is 90 to 180 days from receipt of:

1) A correctly completed purchase order with ALS specification pages attached
2) A correctly completed DSP-83
3) An End Use Certificate with a proper statement of intended end-use
4) Properly signed ITAR and FCPA certifications
5) State/Commerce Department License approval
6) Import Permit or Import Waiver Letter
7) Receipt of agreed payment terms

All “Out Continental U.S.” (OCONUS) shipments require complete payment or mutually agreed and executed (IILOC) prior to acceptance and production schedule planning by ALS. ALS will not recognize any order for OCONUS shipments until this checklist is fully complied with.

Emergency orders will receive consideration on a case-by-case basis. Long processing times for State Department approval, lead times in obtaining raw supplies for large orders, and challenges in locating HAZMAT ammunition shippers to most countries, may preclude taking orders requiring delivery in 60 days or less.


POC for Questions: Brian Crouch at 1-850-838-8455. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We strongly encourage and advise you to visit your in-country State Department or the local U.S. Embassy/Consulate for advice on International Business Processes with the United States of America. Visit this link for locations of U.S. Embassies and Consulates:


Most ALS products require State Department or Commerce Department licensing. ALS must submit accurate paperwork to the U.S. State Department or U.S. Commerce Department and license approval must be received before an internal work order is entered unless, the items are No License Required (NLR) and either complete payment or mutually agreed and executed (IILOC) has been received.

It is imperative that all underlined forms on the following list be completed using these specific instructions before an order is accepted and input into our daily orders. ALL FORMS MUST BE SUBMITTED IN ENGLISH. THE U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT DOES NOT TRANSLATE LANGUAGES.

1. DSP-83 Form: You must use the official U.S. State Department DSP-83 form. It can be downloaded at: DSP-83 certificates must be certified and stamped by ALL agencies and government entities involved in ordering the product. Do not use Post Office Box addresses. The U.S. State Department will refuse the license request! All addresses must be physical street addresses. The DSP-83 must be submitted in its original form. The application process will not be completed until the original is received. In most cases, ALS will provide a prepopulated template for the goods requested and the end-user will simply need to review and sign the documents.

2. End User Certificate: ALS product nomenclatures and quantities must match the Purchase Order exactly. Use the ALS website for product names. . In addition, the end user price must be on each line item. Any changes after the order is input may result in a 90 to 120 day delay! In most cases, ALS will provide a prepopulated template for the goods requested and the end-user will simply need to review and sign the documents.

A Statement of Intended Use must be provided on an End User Letterhead (in English) such as: civil disobedience, antiterrorism, prisoner control, military, test and evaluation, etc. ALS will require the intended use and end use entity in order to provide the proper licensing templates for the application.

3. Import Permit or Permit Waiver: is required by most countries. Please inquire with your Government Authorities. This Permit can take the form of an official letter from: A) your State Department or Government End User, or, B) the specific receiving airport/seaport in your country. This certificate verifies that the importing country will accept each explosive class being shipped to that country & that specific airport/seaport. In some cases your Government End User may be required to provide an official letter explaining that the Permit is NOT required. In some cases that letter may be required before our State Dept will issue a license. The Import Permit needs to have an expiration date of at least 60 days beyond anticipated delivery date.

4. Purchase Order: from either the customer or consignee (in English).
a. Orders must include a complete delivery address and must not be a P.O. BOX.
b. Orders must include phone numbers of the purchaser and the consignee and email contact information. c. Nomenclatures and quantities must match the DSP-83. ALS product names are on our website@ These are the product names that you must use on the DSP83 & Purchase Order.

5. If you intend to use your own freight forwarder, please put that information on the Purchase Order. In the absence of that information, ALS will use its’ own freight forwarder on a reimbursable basis. Be advised that all freight forwarders will be checked against the US Debarred List, and that ALS will not be held responsible for any costs related to a non-ALS approved freight forwarder. In the absence of this information, ALS will put its’ list of freight forwarders on the export license application. In addition, if you use your preferred freight forwarder you must provide all contact information for the freight forwarder, including complete address, phone number, and e- mail. Customer directed Freight Forwarders must complete a Capability Assessment Form at . If they do not have a proven track record moving explosives/hazardous material they may be disqualified. If an IILOC is to be used to fund the transaction, ALS reserves the right to retain the freight forwarder of its choice.

6. Financial Details: Wire Transfers, Cashier’s Checks or International Irrevocable Letters Of Credit
(IILOCs must be pre-approved, A draft copy of the proposed IILOC must be provided for negotiation and amendment prior to order acceptance. No order is accepted until all terms have be agreed upon and an ALS acceptance confirmation has been provided. 

Prepayment ‘deposit’ of 50% of the product value in the form of wire transfer is our preferred method of funds transfer. The cost of wire transfers is substantially less than IILOC’s. If wire transfers are the chosen method of funds transfer, the final wire transfer will cover the remaining product value and freight charges and must be received before the product departs our factory. If Cashier’s Checks are utilized for payment, they must be mailed certified. International Irrevocable Letters of Credit can be negotiated in USD$ for the total product value of the order & estimated freight charges. All IILOC’s are to be advised and confirmed by a U.S. money center bank (Bank of New York, Citibank, etc.). Each country has a relationship with a U.S. money center bank. The 2nd Advising Bank for our company is US Bank of Wisconsin International Dept. The IILOC must have a statement that 50% of the product value of the order is to be released to ALS; upon receipt of State Department or Commerce License approval and that the remainder (remaining product value & freight charges) is to be released upon US Bank of Wisconsin International Department’s confirmed receipt of necessary shipping documents. US Bank of Wisconsin [thru the chosen money center bank] will notify the International customer when all necessary documents are received and will advise customer that final funds release is approved. If the IILOC is the Buyer’s preferred method of funds transfer, all banking fees for the IILOC are to be paid by the Buyer. Due to the nature of the product, total payment for product and freight will occur before the product departs the ALS factory.

7. Specification pages for products being ordered must be included with the purchase order. ALS nomenclatures on all documents must be used to accurately allow us to fill your order. These specification pages may be downloaded from our web site at

8. FREIGHT QUOTES ARE VALID FOR ONLY 15 DAYS. INCOTERMS (International Commercial Terms) will be utilized to define buyer/seller responsibilities. These international trade definitions are available at ALS quotes FOB Origin/EXWORKS & offers Freight Forwarding service on a reimbursable basis. Freight Forwarders now guarantee quotes for only 15 days. When we can, we will commit to honoring a freight quote for 30 days. Please remember that most transactions require several months for documentation approval & production before completion. Large, time consuming projects may see a moderate adjustment in actual freight charges while smaller projects may see minimal adjustments.

9. State or Commerce Department approvals must be received prior to building orders. Approval times average 3-5 weeks, but can take as long as 12-16 weeks depending on end-user country of ultimate destination. For orders containing “Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms” serialized and controlled munitions, prepayment deposit must be received prior to submittal for BATF approvals. State Department licenses must be approved to obtain those items requiring BATF approvals. BATF approvals take a minimum of 30-45 days.

Foreign Agent Capability Assessment

Freight Forwarder Capability Assessment

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