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Used by breachers, tactical teams, and fire rescue services, this tool is capable of burning through bolts, locks and hinges. The Breachpen does not conduct electricity, so it also highly effective at cutting through active electrical wire.

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Yellow Jacket Case

As the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Phone Case is a contact weapon, it will assist you in creating an opening to escape an attacker who attempts to grab or hold you. By pressing it against an attackers hand, arm, neck, face, groin area or torso and discharging the Stun Gun, it will cause extreme localized pain resulting in the attacker recoiling from it. This should allow the defender to escape from the grasp of the attacker.

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The MagBlock RangeSafe (RS) gives you visual indication from a distance that an AR-15/M16 firearm cannot be fired. The bright orange color is visible from all sides of the weapon with the bolt flag and the bottom floorplate.In addition to the visual safety, the MagBlock-RS provides training personnel as well as an average firearm user that the weapon is fully safe!  With the RS securely inserted, the bolt flag keeps the bolt from engaging even if there is a round in the chamber. Designed to hold 3-4 CR123A 3V batteries or the BoreSnake Cleaning Kit, the MagBlock is a safety, protection and storage device all-in-one!

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Triggersafe™ was designed to fix a weapon problem that officers and citizens knew occurred, but no one wanted to discuss,  negligent discharges. When a person with a rifle does not have "positive control" of the weapon, the chances of a negligent discharge increase.  Positive control is when we have our hands on the weapon and control the safety and trigger. The chance that a piece of gear or other object can push the trigger is greatly reduced with a Triggersafe™ in place.  Triggersafe™ was intended for environments and times when we don't have full control of the weapon. Triggersafe™ is manufactured in LaPorte, Indiana. This advanced safety feature is being used by citizens around the country, officers and SWAT Teams.

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