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Trip Flare
Description: The M49A1 Trip Flare is an early warning signaling device used to warn of infiltrating troops by illuminating the area surrounding the trip flare.

The M49A1 Trip Flare consists of an illuminant assembly, cover loading assembly and a mounting bracket assembly. The illuminant assembly is an aluminum case containing an ignition increment and three illuminant increments. The waterproof cover loading assembly contains a percussion primer, intermediate charge and a spring-loaded striker.

The Flare is armed by attaching a Trip-Wire to either the trigger or pull-pin. Once the Trip-Wire has been breached, either the trigger tongue or pull pin will release the lever, which in turn permits the firing pin to strike the primer. The primer sets off the intermediate charge, and the intermediate charge ignites the First-Fire composition on the ignition increment of the Flare. The M49A1 Trip Flare will provide a light intensity exceeding 35,000 candle power for approximately one minute.